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Happy 2020

Happy 2020!

I hope everyone has had a chance to reflect on and celebrate the year that was 2019.

I’m not huge on New Year’s Resolutions, but I do think it’s important to have goals for yourself. A calendar year does make a nice time-box for setting out to achieve your goals, and breaking them down into smaller, achievable tasks.

Having said that, I do have one New Year’s Resolution, though it might be cheating, as it is the same one I’ve had for 4 years running. My New Year’s Resolution is to PAT MORE DOGS! Because dogs are amazing, and too pure for this world, and patting more of them can only be a good thing.

Regarding yearly goals though, I have 5 key goals for my year ahead. In no particular order they are:

Write a business plan and start freelance writing.

Writing is my passion and I want to turn it into something I can be paid for, starting as a side hustle, but eventually, the dream is to work for myself.

Work on my physical health.

I’ve been too much a sucker for a lazy evening on the couch with Netflix with a glass (or 3) of vino, and given in too easily to emotional/stress eating, and my physical health (not to mention mental health) has suffered for it. I’m going to keep it simple, with 16:8 intermittent fasting, more vegetables and more moving.

Find a creative hobby I enjoy.

As mentioned above, I’m too much a sucker for lazy Netflix, which I never feel great about. So I want to find a hobby that invigorates my creative side, and I’m going to start by having a crack at water colour painting.

Write and publish 52 blog posts here.

As much as I love writing on this blog, it’s often the first thing that gets neglected when things get busy, so I’m committing to writing 52 posts – a post a week.

Read 12 books.

I used to read voraciously. But I’ve gotten lazy, and again, turned on Netflix for visual storytelling, rather than reading a book. 12 books isn’t an epic amount – only one a month. I’ve already started, and I am currently reading Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis.

Of course, any goals you’re setting for yourself (or any reason really), need to be SMART.

Specific – Measurable – Achievable – Relevant – Timely

I’ve not really listed all the SMART parameters around my goals above (because that’s too much information), but I have made sure they are all SMART, and noted down in my action plan.

In addition to making sure they’re SMART, you’ll also want to make sure you break your goals down into smaller tasks and achievable actions – bite-sized pieces if you will. That way, it’s easier to work through each small task, in order to accomplish the bigger picture. It also can help when you’re goals are feeling a little insurmountable.

Happy New Year Cover Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash
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