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The Love List: Good News!

Sometimes it’s hard to strike a balance between being a well-informed global citizen, and not being overwhelmed by what can seem like endless disaster and unsolvable problems. There’s so much in the news right now that just makes me want to cry. From the fires here at home in Australia, and the conflict between the United States and Iran, to the White Island eruption in New Zealand last year, and the earthquake in Puerto Rico just the other day – it’s all just a bit too much sometimes. 

I’ve been thinking about how much it’s all been negatively affecting me (I’ve been having horrific nightmares), and how surely that’s not all that life is. Then I realised, that’s not all that life is! It’s important to remember there’s LOTS of wonderful, heartwarming and positive things still happening in the world! So I thought I’d round up some great sites to head to for good news stories, for when it does all seem a bit too much.

Positive News

Based in the UK, Positive News is cooperatively owned, and focuses on good journalism about good things. They have a website, a weekly e-newsletter, and a quarterly magazine. You can also find them on the socials: Insta, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin

Great Big Story

I love Great Big Story – I’ve been following them for a while and it’s just excellent storytelling. They’re a video based news outlet producing short format videos about a variety of topics, often from a bit off the beaten track. Their focus is connecting the world, one story at a time. They have a Youtube Channel, an e-newsletter, as well as an app! Again, you can also find them on the socials: Insta, Facebook, Twitter, and Vimeo.

Good News Network

Having been around since 1997, the Good News Network has an extensive archive, a weekly podcast, a daily e-newsletter and even a book! It’s a place where “Good Happens”. Their socials are: Insta, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Youtube.

Love What Matters

This site is full of heartwarming stories about real people, spreading love, kindness and compassion. Some of the stories do have an element of struggle or heartbreak, but they always end well – often as a result of someone else showing compassion and love. So do be prepared for some happy tears. Sign up for their newsletter, or check them out on: Insta, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.

The Optimist Daily

Taking it to the next level, The Optimist Daily’s mission is “To accelerate the shift in human consciousness by catalyzing 100,000,000 people to start each day with a positive solutions mindset.” It’s pretty powerful. Starting the day with good news, solutions, and a positive outlook can absolutely change your consciousness (hello neuroplasticity!). You can sign up for a daily newsletter, or for $5 a month, you can become an emissary, which financially supports the publication, and gives you additional access. Find them on: Insta, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin

Plus, a lot of regular news websites do have a Good News section – you might just need to have a bit of a dig for it! 
ABC Good News
BBC Happy News Good News
Huffpost Good News

I think it’s also important to note, you’re under no obligation to consume every bit of doom and gloom that’s out there. If you find it’s all getting a bit too much, give yourself permission to take a break from the news (and social media). Take a day. Take a week. Ask someone to give you a quick summary of key events if you really feel the need to know. It’s important to be informed, and I’m not saying you should bury your head in the sand, but your mental health is also important. Remember, you need to fit your own oxygen mask before helping others. 

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