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Alexandra McKiterick Creative

Following on from my previous post, perhaps it’s time for an update on what I’ve been doing.

I love writing. When I sit down and think about the things that make me happy and feel fulfilled, it’s always about words. I love reading. I love watching well-written TV shows and movies (I kind of love the terrible ones too if I’m being honest). I love writing for my blog. When I also thought about what I loved the most about my last job, apart from the people, it was always the writing. I loved being able to write about places and destinations in a way that would inspire people to want to get on a plane and go there themselves.

As such, following on from feeling unhappy and stuck in my last role, I decided that maybe it was time to do the scariest thing I’ve ever done, and start freelance writing.

Introducing Alexandra McKiterick Creative.

I’m currently writing content for The Trendspotter. That has been a really great learning experience, and I’m excited about writing content outside of my comfort zone and knowledge area. I’m also looking at taking on other clients for content creation, copywriting, ghostwriting, editing, proofing etc. It’s been a learning curve, and a weird time to launch something new (with the world being a ‘rona trash fire and all), but it’s been exciting.

My other goal with this new business is to eventually write a book as well. I’m not sure what about yet, but I’m just letting some ideas stew in my mind for the moment. Being a published author is the ultimate dream.

So that’s me for now. Obviously, if you’re in need of content, copy, or editing etc, please hit me up!

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