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Beer of the Week – Dainton Brewery: Shellraiser Oyster Kilpatrick Stout

Brewery: Dainton Brewery, collaborating with Bright Tank Brewing Co, Van Dieman Brewing, and Rocky Ridge Brewing Co
Beer Name: Shellraiser Oyster Kilpatrick Stout
Style: Oyster Kilpatrick Stout
Size: 355ml
IBU: 35
Alc/Vol: 9.5%
Std. Drinks: 2.7
Additions: 110 dozen oysters

Thoughts: This one has been sitting in my fridge since late last year (so essentially a lifetime ago because 2020 has been 165 months so far). I was kind of hesitant, but I’m not sure why – I LOVE oyster stouts. I think I was feeling cautious about the Kilpatrick part of this. Sometimes I find the smokey beers to be a bit much. It’s very dark, with a thick, tan head. Smells like a stout, though I was expecting a little more smokiness on the nose from the whole Kilpatrick situation. It had a really nice bitterness, with a salted Dutch liquorice vibe at the end. It was very savoury, though not as bacon-y in taste as I was expecting. It’s a really solid beer, and I very much enjoyed it.

Rating (out of 5): 🍺🍺🍺🍺

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